My Approach


You are the expert of you. Therefore, I follow your inner knowing about your healing process –  the pace of the work and where we focus each session. If you’re not sure about your inner knowing, I can help you locate that too.


Building trust and safety between us is imperative as we deepen into the material you need help with. Consistently meeting weekly helps develop the foundation to address and transform deeply entrenched patterns within a safe container.


I consider the body as the central place of experience, from which the mind makes meaning. So together, you and I learn how your body experiences your life – how your sensations and emotions are translated into your thoughts, your beliefs and your behavior. From there we can start to map and untangle the patterns that no longer serve you. The body can be a place of profound and lasting healing, when we actively and mindfully consider it as part of your experience.

In session, somatic explorations may include mindfulness, imagery, breath, gesture/posture inquiry, as well as touch and movement. Somatic work is individually tailored for you, based on your needs and curiosities.


You may find me to be more transparent than some therapists. I may share a small morsel from my life if it feels relevant to our work together. I am often opinionated, and often contextualize my biases and agendas, which sometimes requires revealing an aspect of my identity. If you’d prefer your therapist to be a complete mystery, I’m probably not the best match for you. 

Social Justice

Our bodies, identities and personalities are undeniably influenced by the cultural contexts we’ve come up in. Our race, gender and gender identity, socioeconomic status, ability, sexual orientation, body size, and ancestry all impact our experiences of inclusion and belonging. More often than not, our identity is a complex intersectionality of privilege and oppression, and these opposing forces exist inside of us as well as surround us. I consistently have an eye on power dynamics (both inner and outer) and how these forces impact your mental health.