About Me


I’m a trauma-informed Somatic Psychotherapist, with a Masters in Somatic Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies.  I am a Certified Massage Practitioner licensed with CAMTC, with a decade of bodywork and energy healing experience. I hold triple Bachelor degrees in Dance, Sociology and Theater. 

I am also a HoneyRoot affiliated facilitator, a ThetaHealing Instructor, and lead groups using contact improvisation principles to explore relationships and attachment styles through movement and touch.


Drawing from my background in dance and bodywork, I hold a diversity of body-based knowledge. As an east coast (US) native, I may bring humor, sarcasm, and frankness into the therapy room, when appropriate. As a biracial, Caucasian-Latina, I have both indisputable white privilege as well as the more hidden intergenerational systemic oppression that are each part of my lineage.  Because of this, I am actively curious about my clients’ intersecting identities and the impacts of privilege and marginalization to their mental health.  With my spiritual lineage in western Sufism and a background in energy healing, I can also hold more mystical and magical frameworks, while remaining grounded in the reality of this planet and the structures and power dynamics we find ourselves in.

I am affiliated with the Center for Mindful Psychotherapy.